Classes for puppies are held at both venues at 7pm. Classes for dog training at Botley at 8pm.


Tuesdays – Botley Baptist Church Hall, Westminster Way, Botley, OX2 0LW


Wednesdays – Summertown Church Hall, Portland Road, Summertown, OX2 7EZ


Start dates for 6-week courses for 2018:



January 2nd, February 13th,March 27th, May 8th, June 26th, August 7th, September 18th, October 30th



January 3rd, February 14th, March 28th, May 9th, June 27th, August 8th, September 19th, October 31st.


Class Start Times are: Puppies 7pm. Dogs 8pm. Dog training at Botley only.


Our training methods are reward based and our courses are an enjoyable experience for both dogs and handlers.

The cost of the course is £90.